All Odisha Rank: 29 (NABET Quality Council of India Ranking)
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AICTE EoA Application ID (23-24): 1-36529294623
SCTEVT affiliation no (23-24):SCTE-23-RA-2747

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering deals with planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance of various structures like building, bridges, towers, dams, roads, retaining walls, canals, etc. The Civil Engineering Department at Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Institute of Technology, Rayagada started functioning since 2001 with intake capacity of 40 students. It aims to provide students for developing solutions of major sustainability challenges of our society. The dept. offers strong foundation in the morals and applications of Civil Engineering, with the assistance of qualified & experienced faculties.
It has well equipped labs with following units-

  1. Material testing & Concrete lab
  2. Transportation lab
  3. Soil testing lab
  4. Survey lab and Civil Engg. model room
  5. CADD lab
  6. Construction Workshop Practice
  7. Public Health (PH) Engg. lab
  8. Hydraulics lab
Time Table for 2023-24 (Summer)

Vision of the Department:

To establish Civil Engineering Department as the center of excellence in Education, research and technology at state and national level.

Mission of the Department:

Mission No.

Mission Statements


To offer diploma in Civil Engineering and other skill development courses that sharpen and add values to the student competencies.


To provide quality education and to imbibe real life problem solving skills in students related to Civil Engineering.


To encourage students to pursue higher studies, to appear various competitive examinations and other career enhancement courses.


To improve department – industries collaboration through various internship and training programs.


To make the department as a knowledge hub not only in academic but also in every sphere to tackle emerging challenges related to Civil Engineering.



To aware students about construction related environmental hazards and motivate them to do projects, research activities in laboratories to minimize the hazards and contribute their part to society.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):


Program Educational Objectives Statements


Make students conceptually strong and skilled professionals in civil engineering discipline.


Engage students in lifelong learning and prepare them for meeting the growing demands of industry.


Contribute to society through creative ideas, innovative designs and products useful to mankind.


Engage in entrepreneurial activities and be a successful entrepreneur in life.


Prepare students for various state level and national level competitive exams to enable them to create a position for self in highly competitive current era.


Inculcate students with essential values and norms to make them a responsible and good citizen in society.
Course Outcomes (COs): 
  1. Course Outcome for 1st Semester Courses
  2. Course Outcome for 2nd Semester Courses
  3. Course Outcome for 3rd Semester Courses
  4. Course Outcome for 4th Semester Courses
  5. Course Outcome for 5th Semester Courses
  6. Course Outcome for 6th Semester Courses
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):
  1. Possess ability in analyze and design problems related to Civil Engineering by applying knowledge of mathematics ,physics, chemistry and engineering science.
  2. Proficiency in conducting Civil Engg. related experiments and analyze / interpret data.
Course Outcomes-Program Outcome/Program Specific Outcome (CO-PO/PSO) Mapping: 

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MENTOR LIST FOR 4th and 6th SEMESTER 2024 (Summer) STUDENTS:


Click the below link to get the previous mentor list

* Mentor list, 3rd and 5th Semester 2022 (Winter)

* Mentor list, 4th and 6th Semester 2023 (Summer)

* Mentor list, 3rd and 5th Semester 2023 (Winter)

* Mentor list, 4th and 6th Semester 2024 (Summer)

The candidates must have passed HSC examination or equivalent examination with minimum 35% mark and 30% mark in each subject with English, Math & Science subjects.
Semester Student Count

Sl. no Semester Subject Download
1 Summer-2022 Academic lesson plan
2 2nd Engg. Mechanics
3 4th Land Surveying-I
4 3rd Building Material and Const. Technology
5 3rd Estimation and Costing-I
6 3rd Geotechnical Engg
7 3rd Structural Mechanics
8 4th Highway Engg
9 4th Hydraulics and Irrigation Engg
10 4th Land Survey-I
11 4th Structural Design-I
12 5th Ent. Management & Smart Tech.
13 5th Estimation and Cost Evaluation-II
14 5th Railway and Bridge Engg
15 5th Structural Design-II
16 5th Water Supply and Waste Water Engg
17 6th Construction Management
18 6th Disaster Management
19 3rd Env Science -Th5
20 6th Adv. Construction Technique and Equipment-Th3
21 6th Land Survey-II-Th
22 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Civil Engineering Drawing 1 by Soumya Ranjan Maharana
23 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Estimation and Cost Evaluation-1
24 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Civil Engineering Lab-I
25 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Structural Mechanics
26 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Environmental Science
27 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Estimating Practice-I
28 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Geotechnical Engineering
29 3rd - 2022 (Winter) Building Material and Construction Technology
30 5th - 2022 (Winter) Entrepreneurship Management and Smart Technology
31 5th - 2022 (Winter) Structural Design II
32 5th - 2022 (Winter) Railway & Bridge Engineering
33 5th - 2022 (Winter) Water Supply and Waste Water Engineering
34 5th - 2022 (Winter) Estimating and Cost Evaluation II
35 5th - 2022 (Winter) Civil Engineering Lab-II
36 5th - 2022 (Winter) Estimating Practice-II
37 4th - 2023 (Summer) Structural Design I
38 4th - 2023 (Summer) Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering
39 4th - 2023 (Summer) Land Survey-I
40 4th - 2023 (Summer) Highway Engineering
41 4th - 2024 (Summer) Structural Design I
42 4th - 2024 (Summer) Land Survey Practice-I
43 4th - 2024 (Summer) Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering
44 4th - 2024 (Summer) Land Survey-I
45 4th - 2024 (Summer) Highway Engineering
46 4th - 2024 (Summer) Civil Engineering Drawing-II
47 6th - 2024 (Summer) Land Survey-II
48 6th - 2024 (Summer) Construction Management
49 6th - 2024 (Summer) Adv. Construction Technique and Equipment
50 6th - 2024 (Summer) Disaster Management
51 6th - 2024 (Summer) Construction Workshop Practice and MSP
52 6th - 2024 (Summer) Cadd Lab and Design & Detailing Practice
53 6th - 2024 (Summer) Land Survey Practice-II
Sl. no Semester Title Download
1 2021-3rd Environmental Studies
2 3rd Building Material & Construction Technology
3 3rd Environmental Studies VST
4 3rd Estimation and Costing -I VST
5 3rd Geotechnical Engg VST
6 3rd Structural Mechanics VST
8 4th Hydraulics and Irrigation Engg
9 4th Structural Design-I
10 4th SURVEY-I
11 5th Entrepreneurship & ST -VST
12 5th Estimation & Cost Evaluation -II VST
13 5th Estimation-II
14 5th Railway & Bridge Engg
15 5th Railway & Bridge Engg-VST
16 5th Structural Design-II VST
17 5th Structural Design-II
18 5th Water Supply & Waste Water Engg-VST
19 6th Construction Management
20 6th Disaster Management
21 4th Th-1:Structural Design-I
22 4th Th-2:Hydraulics and Irrigation engg
23 4th Th-3:Surveying-I
24 4th Th-4:Highway Engg
25 6th TH 1 : LAND SURVEY - II
26 6th TH 2: Construction management
27 6th TH 3: Advance Construction Techniques and Equipment
28 6th Th.4b- Disaster Management
29 2022 (S)-4th Sem TH1_StructuralDesign-I_New Syllabus
30 2022 (S)-4th Sem TH2_HydraulicandIrrigationEngineering_New Syllabus
31 2022 (S)-4th Sem TH3_LandSurvey-I_New Syllabus
32 2022 (S)-4th Sem TH4_HighwayEngineering_New Syllabus
33 2022 (S)-6th Sem Th1_CET601_ConstructionManagement_Old Syllabus
34 2022 (S)-6th Sem TH1_LandSurvey-II_New Syllabus
35 2022 (S)-6th Sem TH2_ConstructionManagement_New Syllabus
36 2022 (S)-6th Sem TH3_AdvanceConstructionTechniquesAndEquipements_New Syllabus
37 2022 (S)-6th Sem TH4_DisasterManagement_New Syllabus
Sl. no Semester Title Download
1 3rd Autocad Quiz
2 3rd AutoCAD_Command_and_Shortcut_List
3 3rd Building Materials & Construction Technology
4 3rd Env. Science
5 3rd Estimation and Costing-I
6 3rd Geotechnical Engg
7 3rd Structural Mechanics
8 4th Highway Engg
9 4th Hydraulics & Irrigation Engg
10 4th Land Survey-I
11 4th structural design 1
12 5th Entrepreneurship Management & Smart Tech.
13 5th ESTIMATING -2
14 5th Railway & Bridge Engg.
15 5th Structural Design-II
16 5th Water Supply and Waste Water Engg.
17 6th Adv. Construction Tech. & Eqp
18 6th Construction Management
19 6th Disaster Management
20 6th Land Surveying -II
21 6th LS II- DGPS Notes
22 6th Staad Pro Connect Notes
23 Class Notes for 3rd to 6th Semester Students
24 3rd Geotechnical Engineering by Soumya Ranjan Maharana
25 3rd Building Material and Construction Technology By Soumya Ranjan Maharana
26 3rd Estimation Costing -1 by Subhasmita Patra
27 3rd Environmental Science By Manas Ranjan Pradhan
28 3rd Structural Mechanics By Manas Ranjan Pradhan
29 4th Highway Engineering By Soumya Ranjan Maharana
30 4th Structural Desgin - 1 By Manas Ranjan Pradahan
31 4th Land Survey - 1 By Chinmay Maharana
32 4th Hydraulic & Irrigation Engineering
33 5th EMST by Manas Ranjan Pradhan
34 5th Railway & Bridge Engineering by Chinmay Maharana
35 5th Structural Design - II by Manas Ranjan Pradhan
36 5th EC - 2 by Chinmay Maharana
37 5th ACTE by Chinmay Maharana
38 6th Land Survey - II by Somya Ranjan Maharana
39 6th Disaster Management by Manas Ranjan Pradhan
40 6th Construction Management By Manas Ranjan Pradhan
Sl. no Title Video (Click on the ICON to watch)
1 Department YouTube Channel
2 Design of connections, sub:- design of steel structure (SD-2)
3 Analysis and Design of Column, SD-1,4 SEM Civil
4 Engineering Drawing Diagonal Scale by Chinmaya Maharana
5 Estimating 2 Steel Calculation for Slab Culvert by Chinmaya Maharana
6 Estimating 2 Drainage Syphon by Chinmaya Maharana
Sl. no Title Download
1 3rd Sem Civil Engg Drawing I.
2 3rd Sem Estimation Pr-I Lab Manual
3 4th Sem Civil Engg Drawing-II
4 Lab manuals for 3rd to 6th Semester
Sl. no Title Download
1 Time-table for 3rd Semester and 5th Semester - 2021 (Winter)
2 Time-table for 4th Semester and 6th Semester- 2022 (Summer)
3 Time-table for 3rd Semester and 5th Semester- 2022 (Winter)
4 Time-table for 4th Semester and 6th Semester- 2023 (Summer)
5 Time-table for 3rd Semester and 5th Semester- 2023 (Winter)
6 Time-table for 4th Semester and 6th Semester- 2024 (Summer)

Faculties of Civil Engineering

1 MANAS RANJAN PRADHAN Lecturer  M.Tech 9439431670 [email protected] MANAS RANJAN PRADHAN
3 SABNAM SAMAD Lab Assistant  Diploma 9040281430 [email protected] SABNAM SAMAD
4 CHINMAYA MAHARANA Guest faculty (Contractual)  M.Tech 9438022470 [email protected] CHINMAYA MAHARANA
5 Subhashree Dash Guest faculty (Contractual)  B. Tech 6370545677 Subhashree Dash